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Lincoln County Coordinated Response to Domestic Violence Team

The Lincoln County Coordinated Response to Domestic Violence Team is a multi agency task force that works collaboratively on a daily basis in Lincoln County on domestic violence and sexual assault cases. The team also meets all together quarterly, and more often as needed. The goals of the Lincoln County CRT are to hold offenders accountable, make victims safer and stop domestic violence.

Member agencies of this team are:

Rape/Domestic Abuse Program
Lincoln County Attorney’s Office
North Platte Police Department
Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office
Nebraska State Patrol
Bridge of Hope Child Advocacy Center
District 11 Probation
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
Nebraska Legal Aid
Lincoln County Victim/Witness Unit
Community Domestic Violence Intervention Program

Below is a glimpse into the work of the member agencies in the Lincoln County CRT:

  • Law enforcement agencies in Lincoln County have a pro-arrest policy regarding domestic violence. If an arrest is made after conducting the investigation, police officers telephone an on-call advocate from the Rape/Domestic Abuse Program to provide information to them about the incident so that contact can be made with the victim while the perpetrator is in jail. Once the perpetrator is lodged in jail, the two Lincoln County Court judges have placed a 12 hour hold on perpetrators arrested for domestic violence. Law enforcement officers provide information on community resources to victims of domestic violence at the scene.
  • The Lincoln County Attorney’s Office files charges on nearly every arrest for domestic assault. The Lincoln County Victim/Witness Unit is available to help victims navigate the criminal justice system and provide advocacy if needed. If a perpetrator is convicted of the charge, the typical sentence is a 60 day jail sentence for a misdemeanor or be ordered to 14 months of probation and CDVIP’s 52- week batterer’s program. In 2008, the County Attorney’s Office developed a diversion program that is coordinated in their office by the prosecutor that handles the bulk of the domestic violence cases. This prosecutor does all of the screening and makes the diversion plan and agreements. Some first time offenders are given this diversion option, which mandates them to complete 36 sessions in the Batterer Intervention Program, as well drug and alcohol evaluations and counseling, parenting classes, and other requirements as needed. Females arrested for domestic assault are usually given this option with the requirement that they enroll in the Women’s Intervention & Education Program.
  • If the offender is court ordered to the batterer’s program, this includes a 14 month term of probation with a minimum of a 60 day jail sentence that he must do if he fails to abide by all terms of his probation. CDVIP coordinates information with probation and this continues throughout the perpetrator’s participation in the program. Once a participant has been accepted into CDVIP, he must complete 4 individual sessions with the CDVIP director and 52 group sessions in order to complete the program. He is also required, as a condition of his contract for participation, to sign a release of information to the victim of the assault. CDVIP notifies the victim of the participant’s enrollment in the program and initiates contact as needed throughout his participation in the 52-week program and makes referrals to RDAP services.
  • If terminated from the Batterer’s Program, probation files a motion to revoke his probation in the court and the offender is held accountable by the courts by facing the suspended 60 day jail sentence. 
  • The DVERT team (Domestic Violence Enhanced Response Team) may meet to develop an even more enhanced and coordinated response. This is done in high risk for lethality cases. Many factors may cause a member of the CRT to ask for a DVERT meeting, with the most common being increased number of calls to the home; increase in level of violence and/or use of weapons; threats of violence and/or suicide; and children witnessing the violence. When the team meets on a DVERT case, agencies strategize together and share information to implement an enhanced collaborative plan to make the victim and children safer and to hold the offender accountable.
  • If children are witness to or involved in a domestic assault, the children may be interviewed by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services at the Bridge of Hope Child Advocacy Center.
  • The CRT offers the monthly One Door~One Stop Center for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault to attend in order to obtain comprehensive services at one location at one stop. Please go to the One Door ~One Stop Center tab on this website for more information.

For more information on CDVIP or if you have any questions contact our office at 308.534.5879.

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