Community Domestic Violence Intervention Program for Lincoln County Nebraska

Stop the cycle of violence.
                       It begins with you.

CDVIP Programs

52-Week Intervention Program for Men Who are Abusive in Intimate Partner Relationships


  • An educational group program for men
  • The program will most benefit men who have been controlling and/or physically abusive and / or emotionally or verbally abusive in relationships with women
  • Men may join the program voluntarily or by court referral 
  • The group meets one night each week in the evening
  • Prospective participants must schedule and complete an intake and orientation session prior to being admitted to the group sessions. This session can be scheduled by calling CDVIP at 534-5879.


The program is 52 weeks in length. The groups are led by two facilitators, one male and one female. We believe that violence and abuse are learned behaviors and that participants can learn new behaviors and can make the choice to change. We use the Duluth model "Power and Control" Curriculum in our groups. Particular emphasis is placed on moving from authoritarian relationships which are maintained through the Use of controlling and abusive tactics, to relationships that are built-on equality and are free from any type of abuse; physical, verbal, or emotional.

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Have you ever used any of these behaviors against your partner?

Pushed her
Hit or slapped her 

Called her names 

Thrown things or hit things to 
intimidate her

Threatened to hurt or kill her

Prevented her from leaving the house or using the phone

Followed her around or checked 
up on her

Sexually assaulted her 

If you would like to discuss your answers, do not delay. ..

Call the Community Domestic Violence Intervention Program 308-534-5879

Stop the cycle of violence.
It begins with you.


Orientation Session $40
Group Sessions $20 per session 

All fees are due at the time of service.

Our Program Goals 

Stop the Violence
Hold people accountable for their own abusive behavior
Teach non-violent and non-controlling ways of relating in intimate relationships
To provide education and information for men who wish to change


CDVIP is an approved program in Nebraska by the Nebraska Domestic Violence Offenders Program Standards Review Committee.

Domestic Violence Offender Program Standards

Click here to view the Nebraska State Standards for Batterer Intervention Programs.

CDVIP does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability and age. 

For more information or if you have any questions contact our office at 308.534.5879.

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